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Basic Features

  Experience Xp/Sp: X150/x2 with premium.
 Adena: X20.
 Party Xp/Sp: X150.
 Safe: +3(Full Armor +4).
 Máximum: +16.
  Skill Points Sp: X10.
  Drop Items: 20.
  Raid Boss Drop Items: X5.
  Epic Raid Boss Drop Items: X1.
 Spoil: x15.
 Seal Stones: x15.
 Premium info:
Premium buffs(more time+extra buffs)/ Premium teleports/Chances x2 to xp-sp,adena,drop,spoil,seal stones/Access to some commands(inside and outside town), alt+b Community, follow pt leader in .towns and global gk teleports,Premium Chat.

 Safe Enchant: +3(Full Armor +4)
 Max Enchant: +16
 Normal Scroll chance: 65%
 Blessed Scroll chance: 70% and not crystallizes

 Giran Castle Town (Main Town).
 NPC Buffer with all the important buffs Lv.2: 3hours duration on all buffs.
  dances, songs, summon, prophecies : .
 Rate X10 weight limit.
 Rate Original grade limit.
 Auto loot.   .menu
 Offline Mode Shop   shop and logout
 Anti-Bot System YES
 Offline Buffer Sales - YES
 Max Clients per HWID 5
 Upgraded Armor System
 More then 12 active raid bosses.
 Unique pvp areas with reward.
 Stackable items: enchant scrolls, life stones, book of giants.
 Unique tattoos   by interlude original.
 Mana potions   500 MP,5 sec
 Auto Learn Skills   Buffs 30+4(with buffs books)
 1st Class Transfer   50.000 adena
 2nd Class Transfer   250.000 adena
 3rd Class Transfer   15.000.000 adena// reward 1 Codex Book
 Subclass   Free
 Nobless   Retail Quest or 2nd way more info Discord
 Shift+Click   See Drop/spoil Info
 Global Shout   Reuse 7 sec
 To bid for a Clan hall or Castle required   Clan LvL 6,for maintenance needs 20m adena and 40m AA per week.
 Olympiad Circle   14 Days//Time 18:00-00:00 (GMT+2)
 Non Class & Class Minimum   5 users
 Academy Reward   2,5m + 400 Clan Points
 Auto Enchant Skill Service   Auto enchant gear service till +6
 Achievement Npc   with Missions & special Rewards
 Seven Signs   Open 24/7 without registering mammons
 Death Spike skill   No need cursed bones
 80 lvl bubbles dod etc Signs   No need 3 sf
 Tyrannosaurus   drop Top Ls with fixed 50% chance

All Those Quests  are X2:
  Exploration of Giants Cave Part 1 & 2  Alliance with the Ketra Orcs
 Guardians & Seekers of the Holy GrailWar with the Varka Silenos
 Alliance with the Varka Silenos.War with the Varka Silenos
 Hunt of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force & The Zero Hours  
 Delicious Top Choice Meat & Heart in Search of Power  
 Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe
 Yoke of the Past
 A Powerful Primeval Creature
Relics of the Old Empire
 Legacy of Insolence 
Gather The Flames

Raid & Epic  Bosses(GMT +2):
 Simple Raid Boss 24 - 27 hours respawn (Some with edited droplist)
✅Horus,Ember,Brakki,Nakondas:1 premium coin (25%) |Korim (40%)
✅Hestia:Forgotten blade 30% | 1 premium coin 30%,beaa-bewa(40%)
✅Apepi,Shacram,Atraiban,Korim: 1 bews (25%),1-4 bewc-beac(40%)
✅Glaki:Arcana mace,dragonic bow (30%) 1-2 beas (40%)
✅Uruka:Angel slayer,Heavens divider (30%),beaa-bewa(40%)
✅Golkonda:1-3 beas (50%),bewc-beac(40%)
✅Galaxia: 1 premium coin (30%), 1-3 beas (40%)
✅Shyeed:1-2 bews (30%),1-5 beas (30%),1-4 TOP LS 76 (50%)
✅Naga: Arcana mace (30),1-4 bewc-beac(40%),beaa-bewa(40%)
✅Shuriel:1-5 TOP ls 76 (50%),1-3 beas (50%)
✅Ashakiel:1-2 bews (30%), 1-4 TOP ls 76 (40%),1-3 beas (55%)
✅Antharas priest cloe: 1-3 bews(30%), 1-4 TOP LS 76
✅Core and orfen: 1 premium coin (50%).
✅Shilen's Messenger Cabrio 1-2 BEWS(30%) | 1-2 BEAS 30% | 1-4 TOP LS 76 (50%)
✅L2Limit RaidBoss(54-56 hours): 2-4 event medal(50%),2-4 donate coins(50%), 1-3bews(30%)1-3 beas(40%) kai 1-3bewa(30%) 1-3beaa(40%), 2-3 top life stone(40%), bogs 3-4 (40%), monster only zombie shield,draconic bow(40%),arcana mace(40%),some monster shields
✅HAnakim & Lilith 56 - 84 hours respawn (Free teleport at Disciples. Don't need Seven Signs)
✅HCore 36hour +1hour random (Maximum level allowed to enter Cruma Tower: 80)
✅HOrfen 36hour +1hour random (Maximum level allowed to enter Sea of Spores: 80)
✅HAnt Queen 24hour +1hour random (Maximum level allowed to enter Ant Nest: 49)
✅HZaken 48hour +1hour random (Maximum level allowed to enter Devil's Isle: 80)
✅HFrintezza 48hour +1hour random
✅HBaium 120hour +1hour random
✅HAntharas 192hour +1hour random & 15 mins random inside nest.
✅HValakas 264hour +1hour random & 15 mins random inside nest.
✅HNoblesse Raid (Barakiel) or Son of Barakiel : More info Discord Barakiel 18 - 20 hours // Son of Barakiel 16-19 hours pvp zone.
✅HVarka’s Hero Shadith 16-19 hours (4th lvl of alliance with Ketra)
✅HKetra’s Hero Hekaton 16-19 hours (4th lvl of alliance with Varka)
✅HVarka’s Commander Mos 16-19 hours (5th lvl of alliance with Ketra)
✅HKetra’s Commander Tayr 16-19 hours (5th lvl of alliance with Varka)

Soul Crystals   & Absorption List:
 Soul Crystal Leveling from 10 to 12 Baium, Zaken, Anakim, Lilith 100% Party All,Tyrannosaurus 50% ,Anakazel 68 15% Party Random,Antharas Priest Cloe, Roaring Skylancer, Krokian Padisha Sobekk, Beast Lord Behemoth, Eilhalder Von Hellmann, Meanas Anor 25% Party One .
 Soul Crystal Leveling from 12 to 13 Valakas, Antharas, Frintezza 100% Party All Ember 40% Party Random Anakazel 78 20% Party Random

Clan, Alliances  Limits:
 Max People at Epic Zones: 72.
 Alliances allowed  Max 3 Clans
  Clan Penalty  1 day
 Alliance Penalty: 2 days
 Lvl up party gap=20lvl.
 Clan hall bid   Clan hall Required clan lvl 6(ch has premium tps) for maintenance needs 20kk adena and 40kk AA per week
 Sieges:   To register you need clan lvl 6(There is reward system and circlets stats for leaders and members)
 Olympiads limit
 1 character by Pc Same time

 Voiced Commands List:
 .votereward Vote in our website votesites and then ingame use this command to receive vote coins and buy usefull things from voteshop.
 Alt+b Community Board L2Limit Community Board
 .premium Shows the time left on your active subscription.
 .menu Detailed character customization.
 .boss To check raid boss status.
 .boss To check epic boss status.
 .menu Configure auto use CP / HP / MP.
 .bank Exchange 500.000.000 adena for 1 goldbar.
 .bank Exchange 1 goldbar for 500.000.000 adena.
 Log out Offline shop / Craft.
 .menu>repair If your character stuck or boot up screen not end. (do .menu>repair with another char in same account)
 .sellbuffs Selling buffs like shop
 .class(change char class).
  .expireitem(check time left from items that dissapeared)


 Voting Coins
By voting in VoteSites from website and the use command .votereward inside game for votecoins that you can get several rewards from VoteShop. Vote Reward System with Voting Rune as reward from VoteShop and many more things Increases your P. Def and M. Def by 6%, Movement Speed by 4%.(Duration 12 hours) 3-4x Vote coins as reward (Each 12 Hours).
From L2Limit Gm Team Events.
Streaming for our server
Killing Raid Bosses lvl 40+,Achievement Missions
Detailed info about amount of medals at "Events" Discord channel
Participating in automatic daily events You will be rewarded with event medals for participating (Detailed info about winners ammount at " Discord channel)
By Killing Champion Monsters
Complete Achievement npc Missions .

  Premium ACC-VIP : 
You can get Premium Account with donate. -From some edited raidbosses.
-From Top 10 Npc reward every sunday.
-From Achievement missions.
-From L2Limit Gm Team Events.
-From Event shop.

You can get Donate coins if you want to support our project from our donate system or you can send us message in discord. -Also you can get Donate coins from some raidbosses.
-Achievement missions.
-GmTeam Events & Competitions.

game rules
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